Ardouin Mazeres Museum

Located in a beautiful pastel hotel from the 16th century, the Hôtel d'Ardouin museum invites you to revisit the history of Mazères from the Neolithic era to the present day. This hotel is bordered by a garden built in the spirit of the Renaissance (medicinal plants, vegetables, topiary). An exhibition hall presents the culture of pastel and its history. Reproductions of medieval weapons are exhibited under an outdoor shelter.

A permanent exhibition: "Barbarians in Southern Gaul"
It presents the objects (especially metal) from the excavations of the Merovingian necropolis of Bénazet. The visitor is called upon to become an apprentice archaeologist in order to discover who were the people who were buried there, around 1500 years ago. How did they live? What was their daily life like? What was their belief? How did they die?
This exhibition "Barbarians in Southern Gaul" answers all these questions and many more! Come discover it quickly !